In 2012, Juicy Cube was established in New York City by the inspiration of the idea called "freshness." We strive to use the most fresh and organic produce, coming directly from the local market, as our ingredients in order to create the utmost in taste and nutrition for our freshly made veggie juice and superfood smoothies.

We are proud to provide friendly and fast service, a clean and organized environment, and quality tasting beverages to countless healthy-minded New Yorkers. In addition, we conduct a sealing technology that seals the cup as soon as we squeeze our juice to keep the freshness within each cup. This uses less plastic, to save the environment, and makes it convenient for you to travel with your Juicy Cube beverage without the worry of spills.

Juicy Cube's well-trained staff is always here to welcome you to join the movement of improving your lifestyle. We hope you enjoy every sip of our nutritious and flavorful freshness.

Juicy Cube: "Drink With Us.”